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  • Hans Weston

What makes you procrastinate? 

If you were to post a video today,

what kind would it be? 

Why make it? 

How long would it be? 

Would it need editing? 

How would you film it?

Would you use captions?

Would you do the editing? 

Would you use any AI tools? 

Would you be giving away tips?

How many people would be in it?

Would you have someone edit for you? 

What additional video or photos would you use?

What software would you use? (if any)

What kind of lighting would you use? 

Would you be offering anything?

Vertical, landscape or square? 

Would you be telling a story? 

What would you film it with? 

Where would you film it? 

Would it have a CTA?

Who would film it? 


what makes you procrastinate?

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