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Fast & professional filmmaking

People telling their stories on camera
The solution to your video problem. 

Hans Weston Films is your trusted collaborator for engaging filmmaking. With over 20 years of experience, we specialise in producing professional visual content that effectively communicates to your audience. Explore our work and learn about our services.

What we offer

Our clients have included corporate, government and documentary production, and we will work with anyone. 

Who we've collaborated with

Clients we work with - Ministry of Justice.
Clients we work with - Hardwired
Clients we work with - Waka Kotahi
Clients we work with - Weta Workshop
Clients we work with - Mike Pero
Clients we work with - Branz
Clients we work with - Cafe Laffare
Clients we work with - Dynamic Being
Clients we work with  - Muay Thai Institute
Clients we work with - Life Flight

Our Showreel

Hans Weston Films

Hans Weston Films

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Hans' dedication to preserving the essence of our story while enhancing its visual and emotional impact was truly remarkable.

Andy Carruthers, FILMMAKER

Our values. 


Ensuring that your organization's values and goals are conveyed effectively.


Video that makes your viewers feel part of something special, building trust and loyalty.


Creating content that reflects the strength and creativity of your team. 


Driving engagment and long lasting relationships for your organistion. 


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