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TARARUA S-K poster


Director Andy Curruthers initially hired us to film the key interviews, before laying down the challenge of editing his documentary “Tararua S-K: 60 years in the making”. Andy had created an assembly edit and we were given the challenge of transforming this into a compelling film for the Mountain Film Festival in under four weeks. 

What  we did

We started from scratch began by cutting down hours of raw footage to find the very best visuals. During the process we located additional narrative elements that would enhance and support Andy's strong story. We weaved together all the elements into a compelling story, created a strong beginning and ending while collaborating very closely with Andy to maintain his vision.


 The film premiered at the NZ Mountain Film Festival in 2023 in Wanaka and Wellington and at a special one-off screening at Penthouse Cinema in Wellington. The film is available to rent or buy online. 

"Hans' editing prowess and creative vision played a pivotal role in making our project a resounding success. His dedication to preserving the essence of our story while enhancing its visual and emotional impact was truly remarkable. Hans's meticulous attention to detail, combined with his deep understanding of the subject matter, allowed our film to shine in a competitive field." - Andy Curruthers, filmmaker. 

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