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Johnsonville Medical Centre Pharmacy asked us to create fresh media for their new website. They wanted to convey their values, who they are, the services and their long standing personal investment to the community. 

What  we did

We offered a photography + business film package. We delivered a large set of photographs that they could choose from, and use all over the website.  We also produced a business film, where Michelle, the co-owner talked about her team, the customers, the care, the services, the new website and told an interesting customer story. We also provided 3 x 30’ social media edits. 

"Hans sat down with us and really got himself immersed in our journey with the business and in particular, Michele's journey as she went from working and serving the community and then taking over the business herself. Hans saw the humanity of the story behind our customers, Michele's journey and the pharmacy team's care and service to our community.

Michele and I both felt that the service and finished product that Hans gave us was high quality. He communicated every step of the way and delivered exactly what he promised and on time! We would use his services again in a heartbeat!' 

 Daniel Brown, CO-OWNER

Johnsonville medical centre Pharmacy website
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