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Hardwired approached us to produce our largest and most challenging project to date -  tell the real stories of real people living and ethically working with greyhounds in New Zealand. We would need to produce 18 educational stories that showcase the breadth of greyhound community. The stories needed to connect to the hearts and minds of New Zealanders in inspiring and authentic ways.

What  we did

With every video we carried out a careful and thorough process of building relationships, location visits and researching and understand their stories. The videos would involve people who are usually camera shy and who have never talked about their lives publicly.


We also offered them insights into the video production process while creating relaxing low-key interview environments, where people could feel like they weren’t performing -  and instead allowed to speak freely and be themselves. 


We came back with many honest and heartfelt interviews that formed the backbone of our videos, and the project was very successful. 


The success of the early videos allowed the project scope to extend to six months. We delivered 18 films + 18 shorter cutdowns + photography packages. 

News media also took an interest and created some of their own pieces. 

“The project ended up being very successful for the client, GRNZ and greyhound rehoming, raising their average social media reach by (at time of writing) well over 5000% and galvanising their relationship with the wider greyhound community in NZ and beyond.” -  Callum Robertson, Hardwired

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Seven sharp story
Seven sharp story
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